Maintenance Care & Maintenance Care Plus

Maintenance Care

Highland Telephone Cooperative (HTC) will be providing all customers with basic Maintenance Care at no monthly charge and it covers all jacks and wiring in your residence that have been installed to telephone industry standards.

Maintenance Care covers charges for service visits; isolating the problem; and repairing the wiring or jacks*. Start protecting yourself from unexpected repair charges.

Maintenance Care Plus

You get the same coverage as our standard Maintenance Care and the added coverage of local area network wiring, installed to industry standards, used for computer networks. Coverage will include isolation of trouble to computer owned equipment such as computers and high-speed broadband routers, etc.*

For only $3 per month, you will gain peace of mind knowing you can call on your local telephone company to diagnose computer network trouble without incurring an unexpected service call expense. Call us today and get your coverage started!

*Maintenance Care and Maintenance Care Plus do not cover repair of customer owned equipment.