Voice mail is a message system that answers and records your calls when you can't or, aren't available to answer. Messages are stored within the telephone company computer hardware system so, there are no other separate instruments or devices required to be installed with your own phone system. All messages left are stored within your personal “mailbox” which is protected by a passcode.

When choosing this feature, you will be provided from our office with instructions on how to set up a greeting, your name, and passcode instructions. As you actually begin to set up your information through your own telephone, a user tutorial is automatically activated, assisting you with step by step instructions throughout the entire setup.

After you set up your voice mail, unanswered calls will be directed to your personal mailbox. Calls can also be directed to your “mailbox” while you are on the line with another party by activating the busy-line feature. Voice mail can then be retrieved from your own phone or any other outside line. You can listen to your message, save it or discard it by dialing (540) 468-6245.