Priority Ringing 6

Priority Ringing allows you to program your telephone line to ring with a special ringing pattern whenever you are called from a select list of phone numbers. If you also have Call Waiting, you will hear special call waiting tones when called from numbers on your list.

This feature is applicable to 6 numbers.

To use Priority Ringing:

  1. Press *61
  2. Listen to the voice instructions which will guide you through the steps of how to:
    • Turn Priority Ringing on or off.
    • Make changes to your Priority Ringing list.

Press Number If you want to:

  • 0: Repeat the instructions.
  • 1: Review the numbers on your Priority Ringing list.
  • 3: Turn Priority Ringing on / off.
  • #: Add a number to your Priority Ringing list.
  • *: Delete a number from your Priority Ringing list.
  • 08: Delete all numbers from your Priority Ringing list.

When Priority Ringing is turned on:

Listen to the ringing pattern or Call Waiting tones:

  • When called from any number: A short-long-short ringing pattern or tone.
  • When called from any other number: Normal ringing or Call Waiting tones.