Priority Ringing 18

Priority Ringing allows you to program your telephone line to ring with a special ringing pattern whenever you are called from a select list of phone numbers. If you also have Call Waiting, you will hear special call waiting tones when called from numbers on your list.

This feature is applicable to 18 numbers.

To use Priority Ringing:

  1. Press *61
  2. Listen to the voice instructions which will guide you through the steps of how to:
    • Turn Priority Ringing on or off.
    • Make changes to your Priority Ringing list.

Press Number If you want to:

  • 0: Repeat the instructions.
  • 1: Review the numbers on your Priority Ringing list.
  • 3: Turn Priority Ringing on / off.
  • #: Add a number to your Priority Ringing list.
  • *: Delete a number from your Priority Ringing list.
  • 08: Delete all numbers from your Priority Ringing list.

When Priority Ringing is turned on:

Listen to the ringing pattern or Call Waiting tones:

  • When called from any number: A short-long-short ringing pattern or tone.
  • When called from any other number: Normal ringing or Call Waiting tones.