Call Forwarding Remote

To use Remote Activation of Call Forwarding:

  1. From a remote phone, dial a directory number supplied by your telephone company.
  2. Listen for recall dial tone.
  3. Dial your base station’s number.
    • Note: The base station is the number from which you are forwarding all calls, i.e., you are at work and want to forward all calls from home to work, the home number is the base station.
  4. Enter your 3 digit PIN (Personal Identification Number).
  5. If your home directory number and the PIN match, then confirmation tone followed by dial tone is returned.
  6. Dial 72 and listen for recall dial tone.
  7. Enter the number for which calls are to be forwarded.
  8. Listen for confirmation tone. You can either hang up, or stay on the line to advise party of forwarding calls.

To cancel Remote Activation of Call Forwarding:

Repeat all activation steps except in step 7, dial 73.