Billing Procedures


Customer billing is processed on the 21st or the next business day of every month. The 20th is the due date regardless of whether if it falls on a weekend or a holiday. Payments mailed prior to the 20th, but not received by 4:30 p.m. on the 20th will be assessed a late charge of 1.5%. Payments will be recorded through the 20th of each month and any accounts paid after the 20th will appear on the following month’s bill as a past-due amount.


When a subscriber’s bill becomes past-due, and payment has not been made within the past 60 days, a red stop sign notification appears on the subscriber’s regular monthly billing and specifically states the past-due amount to be paid in order to prevent services from being disconnected.

Reconnection of Service

Once a subscriber’s service has been suspended for non-payment, any payment received on the account will be applied first, to the previous local service outstanding balance due. Any additional payments received will then be applied to outstanding balances owed for long distance services or other communications services provided by Highland Telephone Cooperative. Local service will be reconnected upon full payment of the outstanding balance due for past-due local services, plus an established reconnection fee. Long distance services and any other services will remain suspended or disconnected until full payment has been received for those past-due balances.


  • Non-pay reconnection fee: $25
  • Dishonored check fee: $30
  • Dishonored ACH fee: $30
  • Declined credit/debit card auto payment fee: $30