About Highland Telephone Cooperative

Highland County Virginia mapIn the early 1900’s, in much of the rural area and communities which the Cooperative serves, telephone service was either very deteriorated or nonexistent. In Highland County, the need for a central legal entity led to the chartering of Mutual Telephone of Highland, Inc. on February 13, 1905.


Chad Kimble

General Manager

Gene Dever

President and Director

Carol Swecker

Vice President and Director

Debbi Stephenson

Registered Agent and Director

Troy Snead


Sarah Shifflett


Nancy Witschey


Mission Statement

Highland Telephone Cooperative (HTC) is a progressive communications company committed to providing its members maximum value through state-of-the-art voice and data services in a global environment by utilizing our highly skilled staff. Excellent customer service is our goal in all subscriber interactions.

Strategic Planning

Vision Statement

Aggressively pursue opportunities that will position HTC to be the premier telecommunications provider of advanced services in the Allegheny Highlands in a cost effective manner for the benefit of our patrons.

Values Statement

HTC will deliver telecommunications services and interact with members, vendors, and the community with honesty, integrity, and respect.